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RE: oud simulator?

At 3:11 PM -0700 6/22/06, William Walker wrote:
>Sounds like a sweet project. i wanna hear the results.

Thanks Bill!

I'm currently finishing up the pedalboard for the setup.  I've 
already got the GK-3.  Now all that's left is dropping the axe off by 
my local luthier's shop and working with him on the string gauges. 
He's already twiddling his thumbs wondering where it is, but my wife 
piled up a bunch of heavy boxes all around the room where it's 
stored.  Unburying it is easier said than done.  :P

Too bad I'm nowhere near Santa Cruz, or I'd just drop it by and let 
you try it out some afternoon.  I'll definitely make a couple of .mp3 
samples once it comes back from the doctor in a week or two, though. 

"Wind in my heart. Dust in my head..."