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Re: Resampling in Live (Re: Ableton w/ VST Looper)

On 22 jun 2006, at 21.33, Todd Reynolds wrote:

> Thanks to both of you.  It's perfectly clear.
> I've just been trying to find a better way to use multiple ouputs  
> in live
> without bussing through return tracks....

Sorry, have to add a short comment here: I actually like using the  
Return Tracks for that. The reason is that this opens up for bringing  
those (physical output transfer) Return Tracks also as Audio Track  
inputs for the purpose of doing real-time live recording of separate  
outputs, tracks or submixes of tracks. Bernhard and I did that last  
year in Zürich and we were able to also incorporate a stereo track of  
his entire looping rig as an input on one Live Track. If you do that,  
just remember to delete all clip slots on the recording tracks for  
all scenes you are using in Live to trigger anything. Or you will by  
accident stop the recording.

Another good thing to know is that any track in live can use the  
output setting "Sends Only". This means that whatever you rout  
through that track is not sent to the master channel and by the Aux  
Send knobs you have full control over how much of the signal to send  
to each Return Track. And then you have the freedom to route those  
Return Tracks anywhere - heck , you may even route a Return Track's  
output back into itself! (do that through a delay set to no direct  
signal, only "wet", so you won't cause digital audio feedback. Makes  
for a great dub delay set-up)

> To my knowledge there is no better way than that...  I thought that  
> perhaps
> it should be possible to have the input for an audio track be the  
> master
> out, but I guess that is avoided because of the obvious chaos which  
> could
> ensue if that routing was mismanaged.

Correct! N00bs would melt down their sound cards and American Lawyers  
would be suing Ableton all day because there were no warning sticker  
on the product's package cover ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)