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Re: Resampling in Live (Re: Ableton w/ VST Looper)

Thanks for even increased clarity, Per.

Yes, that's how I've been doing it up until this time.

One further question, forgive my ignorance.  What do you mean by " a great
dub delay set-up"?

All best,


PS.  Don't know where you are in Sweden, but have you heard yet of a guy
named Walter Thompson, or of something called Soundpainting??

On 6/22/06 7:30 PM, "Per Boysen" <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 22 jun 2006, at 21.33, Todd Reynolds wrote:
>> Thanks to both of you.  It's perfectly clear.
>> I've just been trying to find a better way to use multiple ouputs
>> in live
>> without bussing through return tracks....
> Sorry, have to add a short comment here: I actually like using the
> Return Tracks for that. The reason is that this opens up for bringing
> those (physical output transfer) Return Tracks also as Audio Track
> inputs for the purpose of doing real-time live recording of separate
> outputs, tracks or submixes of tracks. Bernhard and I did that last
> year in Zürich and we were able to also incorporate a stereo track of
> his entire looping rig as an input on one Live Track. If you do that,
> just remember to delete all clip slots on the recording tracks for
> all scenes you are using in Live to trigger anything. Or you will by
> accident stop the recording.
> Another good thing to know is that any track in live can use the
> output setting "Sends Only". This means that whatever you rout
> through that track is not sent to the master channel and by the Aux
> Send knobs you have full control over how much of the signal to send
> to each Return Track. And then you have the freedom to route those
> Return Tracks anywhere - heck , you may even route a Return Track's
> output back into itself! (do that through a delay set to no direct
> signal, only "wet", so you won't cause digital audio feedback. Makes
> for a great dub delay set-up)
>> To my knowledge there is no better way than that...  I thought that
>> perhaps
>> it should be possible to have the input for an audio track be the
>> master
>> out, but I guess that is avoided because of the obvious chaos which
>> could
>> ensue if that routing was mismanaged.
> Correct! N00bs would melt down their sound cards and American Lawyers
> would be suing Ableton all day because there were no warning sticker
> on the product's package cover ;-)
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