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Re: Resampling in Live (Re: Ableton w/ VST Looper)

Hi Per, Todd & co

thanks for the many ideas.
I guess I have to try them out when I have time. If resample is using the 
Main Mix, Return Tracks might be interesting for bouncing few tracks 
(wasn't there actually a fetarure to group clips?).
Basically, I want to resample a clip while I'm messing with it's effects.

Btw, I've just discovered the Crossfaders in Ableton. I find it actually 
quite useful not really for _cross_fading but rather starting a new scene 
with some tracks and having the other tracks fade in gradually via 
Whish they had crossfading between various scenes.

Concerning Mobius:
Is there anything really comparable in Mac? Did you try running it via 
Virtualisation (like qemu or Parallels)? Really a shame...

Best regards and thanks for all the input



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