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Re: Resampling in Live (Re: Ableton w/ VST Looper)

On 23 jun 2006, at 10.51, Buzap Buzap wrote:

>  (wasn't there actually a fetarure to group clips?).

Yes, it's called "scenes" - check that out in the PDF manual for  
details. To fire off a scene you click one of the slots on the master  
track (in session view - "the mixer"). You can also bind any MIDI  
event or computer key to those master track slots. What happens then  
is that all Clips on all tracks at the same horizontal line as the  
triggering "scene slot" is triggered (according to their individual  
"lunch clip" setting).

> Basically, I want to resample a clip while I'm messing with it's  
> effects.

You can do that (see the Live Manual quote I posted a while back).

> Btw, I've just discovered the Crossfaders in Ableton. I find it  
> actually quite useful not really for _cross_fading but rather  
> starting a new scene with some tracks and having the other tracks  
> fade in gradually via Crossfader.
> Whish they had crossfading between various scenes.

Crossfade is setting is track based. Scenes are horizontal. But if  
you put some thinking into it you may find a way.

> Concerning Mobius:
> Is there anything really comparable in Mac?

No. Closest in regard of pitch shifting ( la Electrix Repeater)  
comes AU-Looper, but it's just a tool for developers and sadly  
doesn't work properly concerning MIDI binding for real-time control.  
Sooper-Looper also comes close in regard of staying with and  
developing the EDP tradition. It was originally a Linux looper but  
works very well now as an AU plug-in in OS X. My personal favorite  
for OSX is Augustus Loop. It was originally a tape delay sim AU plug- 
in but has lately been enhanced with some looping and syncing  
options. But it still has that cool "free-wheeling" tape loop feel  
that is hard to get with Mobius or Sooper-Looper. For example, you  
can feed Augustus with MIDI clips (if run as AU in Live) that work  
the pitch in real-time - while you are overdubbing into the loop. The  
easiest implementation of that would be to play only one note on your  
instrument and step through the MIDI sequences to create melodies in  
the loop. But then you can use your imagination to combine what you  
play with what pitch-triggering sequence you feed the loop at the  
same time. For the looping musician this calls for some "split- 
vision" musical thinking just as the piano player needs to develop to  
be able to play freely with left and right hand. Interesting and  
funny stuff....

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)