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Re: [Bazantar] Mark Deutsch - House Concert in Berkeley, Saturday July 1st

this looks fun!

--- Sean Leonard <sean@bazantar.com> wrote:

    Greetings All,

Markwill be playing a house concert in Berkeley,
California on SaturdayJuly 1st. It's been a while
since Mark has played a public concert inthe Bay Area
so if you're in the vicinity this will be a
greatopportunity to hear what he's been working on
recently. There is a $10-20 slidingscale donation
requested, a portion of which will go to support a
localcharity. Space is limited and RSVP's are a must,
sosend an email to yaniv.cohen@yahoo.comASAP. Yaniv is
hosting the event so he will reserve a space for you
andgive you directions


MarkDeutsch can best be described as a 21st century
Renaissance man. Aprofessional musician since the age
of twelve, he is a visionary artistwith a background
in non-linear mathematics, sacred systems
andcosmology. As a classically trained bassist and
sitar player he hasgained extensive experience in
orchestral ensembles, world musictraditions, jazz
combos, and solo sitar performance. Whilst
studyingsitar and North Indian classical music with
the legendary UstadImrat Khan, Mark began delving
deeper into the universalfundamentals of music and
their underlying frequency structures. Thesestudies
culminated in 1999 with Mark being awarded the US
patent forhis ground breaking new instrument the
Bazantar - a five-stringacoustic bass fitted with an
additional twenty-nine sympathetic stringsand four
drone strings. The result is a remarkable instrument
thatweaves a mesmerizing soundscape of resonance, and
evokes all the powerof Western classical music with
the depth and nuance of Easterntraditions.

Since the creation of the Bazantar, and the
criticallyacclaimed release of his first solo album
"Fool", Mark has beenperforming extensively world
wide. His awe-inspiring solo sitar andBazantar
performances have drawn rave reviews from the
internationalmusic community and have generated
invitations for Mark to perform atthe Juilliard School
of Music, Merkan Concert Hall,
EarthdanceInternational, The Hawaiian Contrabass
Festival and many other highprofile venues. Mark
recently completed the theatre score for a muchlauded
French production of Steven Berkoff's adaptation of
Poe's "Fallof the House of Usher". On the
collaborative side, his music hasattracted an eclectic
array of some of today's finest musicians,including
Grammy award-winning cellist David Darling, film
composer DavidJulyan (Insomnia, Memento), visionary
musician and scientist JaronLanier, seminal Chicago
rock band Tortoise, virtuoso erhu player andprinciple
soloist with the Beijing National Symphony Yang Ying,
andjazz luminaries such as William Parker, Roy
Campbell, and Hamid Drake.He is a featured guest on
Samsara Sound System's newest release"Tales of the Red
Dawn" which also features contributions fromGrandmixer
DXT (of Herbie Hancock's Rockit! fame) and
thelegendary Bill Laswell.

Propulsive Beauty: Music in Evolution - The DNA of
NatureısVibrational Code

The fundamental principles of Propulsive Beauty, both
eternal andvisionary, are constant truths found at the
heart of nature. Inspiredto reveal these fundamentals
on a visceral and transformative level,Mark Deutsch
created his groundbreaking acoustic instrument -
theBazantar. Its unique design is imparted with
powerful characteristicsthat manifest complex
vibrational realities, creating shifts inconsciousness
that allow the listener to experience Propulsive
Beautydirectly. What emerges is an extraordinary
abundance of energy and asense of respiration as the
tones breathe energetically into eachother. Pulsating
in a sea of vibration these waves of sound
becomeconduits of psychological and physiological

Propulsive Beauty is not about exploring different
musical scales ormodes, or about fusing music of one
culture with another for peace,though the work would
support this. It is not about a betterunderstanding of
how notes, chords and harmonies (as we know them
inequal temperament) can be used for greater musical
impacts. It is abouttuning into the eternal and
mathematical fabric of nature as vibrationitself. This
core fabric, when used to build a profoundly
relatedsystem of tones opens a musical window into the
extraordinary coherenceand beauty of nature.
Propulsive Beauty is at the intersection ofscience and
spirit, providing a template for human consciousness
toexpand into a state of true relationship.

The deep mathematical principles and construct of
Propulsive Beautyalso extend beyond the musical realm,
and can be applied to theorganization of other systems
as a compelling model that isrelationally coherent,
self-sustaining and in accord with our worldısnatural
order. This vibrational template of inter-relatedness
offers anew framework of understanding, informing
other fields such asagriculture, science, and industry
in our journey to a more mutuallyenhancing
relationship with the planet.

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