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Re:: RE: FOR SALE: Mesa....Mackie vs JBL

hi Bilbo

>Mark has a point, i too love the vox modeler, and I've had good results

Which actually has a valve in it (Bill please correct me if that's wrong).
Digital emulation of distortion is invariably tainted with digital 

>running into my mackie sm 350's the smaller lighter weight brothers to the
>sm450s, which I know some of you JBL fans think are harsh sounding. I say
>balderdash they souund great.

I heard a lot of the "Mackie" sound during y2k5 (thanks Bill/Rick).

The  Mackie sm's have a quality to them which I would call "shouty" 
which increases
as the volume goes up, kind of like someone shouting at you through 
cupped hands,
and I kind of had an impression that the bass notes were emerging 
somewhat slowly, ( again at higher
...but compared to other setups I've heard they're nice.

Whether the JBLs would sound better at the exact same volume I don't 
know, but they're
very natural sounding at lower/mid volume.

I'd guess that the main difference is how the speakers respond to 
high volume, with
the JBLs going a bit soft, and the Mackies getting "punchy".

andy butler