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Re: Re:: RE: FOR SALE: Mesa....Mackie vs JBL

I have a nice set of Acme Lo-B 1x10 3-way speakers, and they're super 
and 'even' sounding. Next to very nice home stereo and theater speaker
setups they fare ok... and I've played through my housemate's bitchin' home
theater system. He sells audio equipment for a living... www.valueaudio.com
and my sounds come across well on them also. When I visit recording studios
and play, my patches sound similar to my home setup.

I've found that virtually *all* my sounds that are balanced for recording
purposes using studio monitors sound extremely bright, and honky on the
Mackie SRM-450's. I've often thought of getting a pair of harsher, brighter
speakers to make a bank of performance sounds that I would use for the
Mackies, but screw it... I'll live in my nice little audio universe.

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From: "a k butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>
> I heard a lot of the "Mackie" sound during y2k5 (thanks Bill/Rick).

> The  Mackie sm's have a quality to them which I would call "shouty" which
increases as the volume goes up, kind of like someone shouting at you
through cupped hands, and I kind of had an impression that the bass notes
were emerging somewhat slowly, ( again at higher volume)... but compared to
other setups I've heard they're nice.

> Whether the JBLs would sound better at the exact same volume I don't 
but they're very natural sounding at lower/mid volume. I'd guess that the
main difference is how the speakers respond to high volume, with the JBLs
going a bit soft, and the Mackies getting "punchy". andy butler