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RE: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp

--- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> Mark has a point, 

I thought you couldn't notice it with my hair style!

> Do take
> note that the vox people did not see fit to model a
> transistor amp, not jazz
> chorus model ala line 6. So if that is your mind set
> maybe the vox ain't for
> you. 

Wait!  There's MORE!  I did find a way to get a good
JC120 sound out of the Tonelab!  I forget how now...
I'll check tonight and let you know.  I know the key
was leaving out either the amp modeling stage or cab
modeling stage.  Also, I found I got better results
when I use the VF-1's stereo chorus (which I know Kris
has a couple of)

I have to say that as much as I like some of the
stompbox models of the Tonelab, when I'm in the studio
I ditch them in favor of the VF-1's which I feel are
really great (and MIDI syncable which the tonelab
sadly isn't)  Don't sell them Kris, you'll be sad. 
Also I found they're one of the best processor out
there for putting distortion on keyboard sounds
(though not for guitar)



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