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Re: Dumb question again

--- Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

> So I''m going to get a Looperlative but have an
> unusual opportunity to 
> get a cheaper unit in the mean time.  A friend wants
> to buy me one so 
> we can fiddle while I'm in the Bay Area.  I know
> this is not a simple 
> question and there's no clear and simple answer
> but...

I'm in the Bay area!  Does your friend need a local
friend?  None of my friends seem to be buying me
loopers. I barely get a card on my birthday! ;) 

> I can buy an old LExicon JamMan on ebay.  There's
> two that don't appear 
> to have the upgrades.
> The Digitech Jamman
> Boss RC 50
> Or...????

I'd say get the used JamMan.  The RC-50 seems to be
back ordered and the word on the street is their sync
ability seems to be less than stellar.  JamMan has no
sync so if you're playing with a friend you'll
probably want good sync.

>   I'm aiming to do something like Bill Walker does -
> acoustic stuff... 
> inspired by Michael Hedges etc.  What do you use,
> Bill?

I'll respond for Bill as he and I both are Repeater
users (Hi Bill!)  If you can find one used I say get
that (about $500 same as an RC-50) IMO it's still tied
for first place in the world of loopers.

> Should I just bit the bullet and buy the looper and
> control pedals etc? 
>   Part of me says to go ahead and do that but the
> frugal part of me says 
> test the water first.

The thing about getting a good looper like the EDP,
Looperlative or Repeater is that they hold their
value. Before I returned my Looperlative I had several
offers to buy it for what I paid.

> Anyhow, back to the looper.  I don't need any
> effects etc or reverse 
> looping etc for my current needs.  Just simple
> looping and a relatively 
> easy way to switch from Loop A to B, maybe to C and
> back and forth. 

Lexicon JamMan is really well set up for that type of
looping.  Repeater does it but it's a tad more awkward
(IMO) though with both you'll need a MIDI controller. 
Judging by the video it seems the RC-50 does a good
job too.  Also check out the Electro-harmonix 2880,
that seems sweet and is also about $500.
> And I'm very sorry to ask this.  I know it's an
> incredibly stupid and 
> hard question to answer without more data.

If we're not here to answer questions like this, what
are we here for?

Good luck,


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