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RE: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp

Well Mark I'd be curious as to how you did the JC120 thingy on the tonelab
(and why???? in gods name) and  Actually like most of the stomp box effects
on the tonelab allot except, the overdrive and distortion models on the
front end; a klon clone, even more exaggerated mid range honk than the
original, a tube screamer model , that just doesn't rattle my cage, and a
rat model, zzzzzzzz, among others, though the octavia octave, and ring
modulator effects are quite nice. My solution was, until a week ago, to
pirate my fulltone fulldrive from my gig rig pedal board, and stick it in
the tonelabs effects loop (which is at the front of the chain). Well last
week I got my new twin tube pedal from Seymour Duncan, and I am just dumb
struck at how good this thing sounds driving the front end of the tonelab.
Since it uses two subminiature tubes running at high plate voltage, it adds
tremendous dynamics and dimension not to mention two channels of anything
from clean boost with a hint of extra fatness, to very saturated, yet 
and singing overdrive, all with great touch sensitivity. I just submitted a
review to Harmony Central, in which I shamelessly gushed about how good it
sounds. Since I like many of the delay and modulation presets on the tone
lab, and I'm not a big flange or chorus guy,  I was just searching for a
more natural sounding overdrive to compliment the tweed, black face, early
marshall, and vox models I tend to use, and boy does this puppy fit the

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--- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> Mark has a point,

I thought you couldn't notice it with my hair style!

> Do take
> note that the vox people did not see fit to model a
> transistor amp, not jazz
> chorus model ala line 6. So if that is your mind set
> maybe the vox ain't for
> you.

Wait!  There's MORE!  I did find a way to get a good
JC120 sound out of the Tonelab!  I forget how now...
I'll check tonight and let you know.  I know the key
was leaving out either the amp modeling stage or cab
modeling stage.  Also, I found I got better results
when I use the VF-1's stereo chorus (which I know Kris
has a couple of)

I have to say that as much as I like some of the
stompbox models of the Tonelab, when I'm in the studio
I ditch them in favor of the VF-1's which I feel are
really great (and MIDI syncable which the tonelab
sadly isn't)  Don't sell them Kris, you'll be sad.
Also I found they're one of the best processor out
there for putting distortion on keyboard sounds
(though not for guitar)



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