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OT: Tonelab JC-120 emulation

--- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> Well Mark I'd be curious as to how you did the JC120
> thingy on the tonelab

Here's my settings.  Of course with a different
guitar/pa setup your mileage will vary.

First I start with the Boutique Clean amp model
gain: 2.3
vr gain 7.8
treb 2.4
mid 7.2
bass 10
TURN OFF THE CAB models.  This is the key I think.

Wait, you're asking, where's the chorus?  Good
question.  While the Tonelab's effects are good, since
I'm always slaved to a MIDI clock I like my presets
set up to follow them too.  For that I love the VF-1. 
So much so I bought two!

Here's how that's set up:
I started off with a patch called "3D CHORUS"  it's
basically a 4 band EQ that I turn off and roland's
nice stereo chours that I love so much.
Polarity: Invert
rate BPM/whole note
depth 80
predelay 10ms
low cut: flat
high cut: flat
effect level 100%

then I make sure the master bpm is set for MIDI and
viola, it syncs up all nice.  Would it stand up next
to the real thing?  I don't know but I love the sound
anyway and I haven't owned a JC-120 since the mid 80s.
 Basically I wish someone would make an amp modeler
that would have everything synced like I like it, but
it seems no one is/will.  The Vox was supposed to be a
way to loose the rack for small gigs, and I still keep
alt presets set up when I don't want to drag out the
FV-1... but I never use them.  I know, NI's guitar
rig.... Give me some time, I'm just now awaking to the
wonders of Laptop looping.  Man did I have an amazing
night with Mobius last night.


> (and why???? in gods name) and  Actually like most
> of the stomp box effects
> on the tonelab allot except, the overdrive and
> distortion models on the
> front end; a klon clone, even more exaggerated mid
> range honk than the
> original, a tube screamer model , that just doesn't
> rattle my cage, and a
> rat model, zzzzzzzz, among others, though the
> octavia octave, and ring
> modulator effects are quite nice. My solution was,
> until a week ago, to
> pirate my fulltone fulldrive from my gig rig pedal
> board, and stick it in
> the tonelabs effects loop (which is at the front of
> the chain). Well last
> week I got my new twin tube pedal from Seymour
> Duncan, and I am just dumb
> struck at how good this thing sounds driving the
> front end of the tonelab.
> Since it uses two subminiature tubes running at high
> plate voltage, it adds
> tremendous dynamics and dimension not to mention two
> channels of anything
> from clean boost with a hint of extra fatness, to
> very saturated, yet smooth
> and singing overdrive, all with great touch
> sensitivity. I just submitted a
> review to Harmony Central, in which I shamelessly
> gushed about how good it
> sounds. Since I like many of the delay and
> modulation presets on the tone
> lab, and I'm not a big flange or chorus guy,  I was
> just searching for a
> more natural sounding overdrive to compliment the
> tweed, black face, early
> marshall, and vox models I tend to use, and boy does
> this puppy fit the
> bill.
> Bill
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> --- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
> > Mark has a point,
> I thought you couldn't notice it with my hair style!
> > Do take
> > note that the vox people did not see fit to model
> a
> > transistor amp, not jazz
> > chorus model ala line 6. So if that is your mind
> set
> > maybe the vox ain't for
> > you.
> Wait!  There's MORE!  I did find a way to get a good
> JC120 sound out of the Tonelab!  I forget how now...
> I'll check tonight and let you know.  I know the key
> was leaving out either the amp modeling stage or cab
> modeling stage.  Also, I found I got better results
> when I use the VF-1's stereo chorus (which I know
> Kris
> has a couple of)
> I have to say that as much as I like some of the
> stompbox models of the Tonelab, when I'm in the
> studio
> I ditch them in favor of the VF-1's which I feel are
> really great (and MIDI syncable which the tonelab
> sadly isn't)  Don't sell them Kris, you'll be sad.
> Also I found they're one of the best processor out
> there for putting distortion on keyboard sounds
> (though not for guitar)
> Mark
> Mark
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