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RE: : RE: FOR SALE: Mesa....Mackie vs JBL

yes that is correct the vox has a tube in it, and I know what you mean 
the Mackies, they are perhaps a bit punchy, and I also think they are prone
to sounding a bit harsh particularly if the wall ac is running brown, (low
wall current) but then most powered PA gear will sound murky if the voltage
supply is not right. The reason I mention this is when we played at the
Henry Miller Library last fall, the whole system was sounding overtaxed to
my ears and the voltage meter on my power conditioner was reading closer to
100 volts not the 110-120, which dirtied up the  sound a bit.

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hi Bilbo

>Mark has a point, i too love the vox modeler, and I've had good results

Which actually has a valve in it (Bill please correct me if that's wrong).
Digital emulation of distortion is invariably tainted with digital 

>running into my mackie sm 350's the smaller lighter weight brothers to the
>sm450s, which I know some of you JBL fans think are harsh sounding. I say
>balderdash they souund great.

I heard a lot of the "Mackie" sound during y2k5 (thanks Bill/Rick).

The  Mackie sm's have a quality to them which I would call "shouty"
which increases
as the volume goes up, kind of like someone shouting at you through
cupped hands,
and I kind of had an impression that the bass notes were emerging
somewhat slowly, ( again at higher
...but compared to other setups I've heard they're nice.

Whether the JBLs would sound better at the exact same volume I don't
know, but they're
very natural sounding at lower/mid volume.

I'd guess that the main difference is how the speakers respond to
high volume, with
the JBLs going a bit soft, and the Mackies getting "punchy".

andy butler