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RE: Vox Tonelab (was: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp)

Excellent!  I'm running a Stick setup, so I think this might just do 
the trick.  I was a little concerned by all the Harmony Central 
reviews complaining that "I wish I could get more bass out of my 
Tonelab".  But if you're running a drop-d bass through it with no 
difficulties, I think it'll have enough tonal response to handle it.

Let me know if you are able to do any experiments this weekend (I'm 
sincerely curious about how well the synths work through it too). 
And thanks for the feedback!!!  :)


At 11:24 AM -0700 6/23/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
>The good thing about the tonelab is that you can
>bypass the preamp or cab models if you'd like.  I've
>never tried keyboards but I run my acoustic guitar and
>bass through it with pretty good results.  Remember
>most guitar preamps roll off quite quickly after 8K or
>so and you're not going ot want your keyboard sounds
>to do that.... or maybe you do.  Low end wont' be an
>issue, but bass has a drop-d bridge set up and it
>seems to do fine. (I come out of the tonelab and go
>into a Soundcraft board and on to Mackie studio
>If I remember I'll run the output of one of my synths
>though it and see how it works.
>--- mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
>>  At 10:10 AM -0700 6/23/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
>>  >
>>  >Wait!  There's MORE!  I did find a way to get a
>>  good
>>  >JC120 sound out of the Tonelab!  I forget how
>>  now...
>>  >I'll check tonight and let you know.  I know the
>>  key
>>  >was leaving out either the amp modeling stage or
>>  cab
>>  >modeling stage.  Also, I found I got better results
>>  >when I use the VF-1's stereo chorus (which I know
>>  Kris
>>  >has a couple of)
>>  Hey Mark!  Have you ever tried running keyboards or
>>  bass through your
>>  Tonelab?  If so, how well did it take to processing
>>  instruments
>>  having a full-range of frequency content, especially
>>  the low end?
>>  I've got a powered PA monitor that I'd like to warm
>>  up a bit (Gemini
>>  GX-350; think of it as in the same ballpark as a
>>  Mackie or JBL Eon)
>>  and I'm thinking the Tonelab might give a better
>>  playing response
>>  than your average tube mic preamp.  Dunno how well
>>  the Tonelab deals
>>  with a full frequency spectrum though...
>>  TIA!
>>      --m.
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