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Re: ELP (was: Hiromi)

In 1985, I was working as an intern in Redan Recorders, a recording studio
in London.

One of the clients who came in for a two-day session was Keith Emerson.
This session was different from all the others while I was at the studio:

1) No-one except the recording engineer, Mr. Emerson and his producer were
allowed in to the control room at any time;
2) When I arrived at work at 9.00am each day, I was asked to head straight
to a local liquor store, wait till they open and to buy a bottle of Johnny
Walker Black Label and a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label.

During the session, the engineer - who was normally a very jolly man and 
joked a lot - would come out everynow and again.  He didn't look jolly.  He
would silently make some tea for himself.

David Kirkdorffer