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Re: 2880 track questions...

At 02:10 PM 6/22/2006, mark sottilaro wrote:
>Also, will it work similar to a Lexicon JamMan in
>terms of setting up "or" tracks instead of "and
>tracks"  By this I mean set it so that at the end of a
>loop it starts recording a new track while muting the
>first track giving you the ability to create tracks
>that can be toggled between OR combined.

I asked about this when I got a demo of the 2880 at NAMM. It only does one 
4 track loop. It cannot do multiple A/B/C/etc loops. No switching between 
different loops for different sections of a song.

Same with the memory card. You can only store one loop on the card. (no 
matter how big the memory card is.)  The EH guy doing the demo suggested 
the only way to do multiple loops is to have several memory cards, and 
one out and put in another when you want to switch to the next loop. In 
other words, if multiple loops if important to you, the 2880 is probably 
not your looper.


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