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Re: Thoughts on the Eclipse, Fireworx, G-Force, and PCM81

love this reviews guys keep them coming!

--- David Coffin <dpcoffin@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Iíve owned all of these. Each offers unique
> pleasures, to be sure,  
> but the serious contenders for max mangling are only
> the Eventide and  
> the FireworX, and I'd go for the Eventide without
> hesitating.
> My takes on each:
> PCM-81...a big disappointment as a mangler, even
> with all the add-on  
> preset cards; opaque (but admittedly deep)
> interface, and really not  
> a multi-effector; itís a multi-delay--get the PSP
> software version  
> and forget this one.
> G-Force...routing and modulation heaven with a great
> interface,  
> always have 8 types of effect available in any
> possible order/config,  
> but effects quite conventional; pitch-shifting
> nowhere near as cool  
> as the Eventide. With clever, patient programming,
> it can do some  
> wild morphing stuff because of the deep mod options
> and many  
> simultaneous fx, not because of having unusual
> effects.
> FireworX...should have been a G-Force on steroids,
> since itís packed  
> with odd effects for sonic mayhem, but it's
> seriously crippled by low  
> horsepower; even tho its got lots of modules to pick
> from, itís  
> impossible to load more than 2 or 3 without maxing
> the thing out.  
> Same mod power and great interface as the G-F, but
> what's the point  
> of infinite routing options if you've only got 2-3
> effects going?? I  
> sold my G-Force to get one and regretted it
> immediately. I hated  
> pretty much all the presets and never found anything
> in it I loved  
> exploring. I'm sure it would repay deep, committed
> investigation  
> because of the weird effects available, esp. in
> concert with other  
> devices. Too bad neither tc device will send its
> ultra mod power to  
> external devices via MIDI control...
> The Eclipse will only disappoint if youíre expecting
> or used to the  
> kind of endless programmability youíd get with a tc,
> or DSP-Eventide;  
> itís a two slot device with fixed algorithms, but
> these are rich and  
> complex, covering all the basics in deluxe style,
> and filtered multi- 
> delays exceptionally well...plus itís got that
> multi-pitch-shifting  
> thing that nothing else can quite duplicate. It
> sounds so magnificent  
> youíd never regret having one, unless it only makes
> you yearn for an  
> H8000.
> Youíve already got really cool ring-mod-ing and some
> rudimentary  
> "synth-fx" with your VF-1s; actually, it seems that
> low-end hardware  
> is where youíre most likely to find the richest
> collection of unique- 
> if-cheesy fx, all of which would benefit enormously
> from an Eventide  
> fairy-dusting down-stream.
> You already know my opinion of Reaktor as the
> weirdest and most  
> endlessly re-thinkable multi-fx to beat, right? Too
> bad that's not  
> working yet with the Receptor.....
> Have fun!
> dc
> On Jun 24, 2006, at 8:07 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> > I'd like to get your thoughts on the Eventide
> Eclipse, TC  
> > Electronic Fireworx, TC Electrronics G-Force, and
> Lexicon PCM81.

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