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Re: Novax Bass-guitar

I have a few friends that have the novax fanned fret dingwall basses,
and they really like it...they say that the fanned fret isn't really
that hard to get used to :)
That looks like Charlie Hunter's guitar on the cover....that guy is
amazing. For anyone who doesn't know who he is, he's a jazz guitarist
who has his guitar set up with 3 bass strings and 5 guitar string and
he literally plays guitar and bass at the same time live. He even puts
a few effects on his guitar so that he can sound like a hammond as
well :)


On 6/25/06, L.A. Angulo <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
> anybody in this forum playing this bass-guitars?
> http://www.novaxguitars.com/index.html
> they seem ideal for looping!
> Luis
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