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Re: amp talk

Yo brother-
    I just reviewed the Koch StudioTone in the August issue of Guitar One.
The StudioToine is a Class A amp with EL84 power tubes while the MultiTone
is Class AB with EL34 tubes. But if construction and attention to versatile
tone are similar (and I'll bet they are), I'll bet that amp just ROCKED. I
gave it the One Award. My only regret was that I didn't have a Mesa Boogie
Lone Star Special at the same time to compare it with. That's the only 
Class A amp I've experienced that would be in the same league.  Koch seems
like a great company: dedicated reps, great build quality, walking it like
they talk it (with very little hype).

    Luis, I wouldn't be surprised if you've found your tonal Soul Mate.