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MOINSOUND: New Kybermusik recordings online featuring Rick Walker, Charlie Milkey and again Krispen Hartung

Ok, I put some more kybermusik (virtual internet jams using Ninjam)
recordings up on the www.moinlabs.de site.

Go to http://moinlabs.byto.de/msa/i_msa_div.htm to find:

"30.4.06 - KYBERMUSIK" (3 excerpts from a 80-minute-performance):
This was the performance which combined Kris and Rick (playing at Kris' 
after the BEMF) and me (playing at www.salonerna.de). At least talking 
my performance, this was one of my weaker performances (both Ninjamming and
in general) - but with three players, the remaining two can make up for
It's Rick on drums/percussion and vocal noises, Krispen on guitar and fx 
industrial drum loop and me playing bass guitar, synths and aleatoric lead

"The Milkey Way" (4 excerpts from a two-hour-performance):
A (non-public) performance by Charlie Milkey and me - Charlie playing
4-string bass guitar with Jamman, MPX200 and Line6 Toneport/Gearbox, me
playing my weird tuning sixstring, lots of synths and effects, metronome
crosstalk and a few loopers as well.

Keep looking for more of this stuff coming soon...