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Re: Mobius part 2

I like Chainer because of the simplicity.  Within minutes you can pop your 
VSTs in it, add Mobius at the end, and be playing. But I wish it had more 
routing capability rather than going from one VST to another...that's that 
"chain" of the Chainer.  EnergyXT has more routing capability, and it has 
sequence capaiblity as well, I believe.


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> On the topic of Mobius, why do you like Chainer as a
> vst host?  I know Per loves Live but I'm not sure if I
> need or would use all it's functionality.  I'd rather
> have something that has some midi editing/sequencing
> ability.  I'm checking out Tracktion right now but I'm
> curioius.
> Mark
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