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Re: Mobius part 2

It's a blast, man...I'm just waiting for someone to create a VST host that 
is flexible enough to satisfy multiple user needs.  Chainer, EnergyXT, 
Bidule...I've used them all, but they all have their pros and cons.  I 
a host that is simple and easy to configure, yet also provides a lot of 
flexibility.  Chainer is easy to configure, but not flexible.  And I know 
Jeff Kaiser is going to chime in here and say that MAX/MSP is the holy 
and key to our troubles, but I have not tested that yet.  I'm sure it has 
its Achilles Heel...they all do.

I would like a host that allows me to create a "module" of VSTs in a 
seqeence, or in parallel, and to bring that up immediately with the touch 
a button. I know Bidule does this, but I don't want to see all the blased 
VSTs on the screen. I want to set them up, configure each VST with its own 
preset, and then hide the sequence with nothing but a button or icon that 
will activate it when I want, and  without it taking up CPU while it is 
hiding. This means a simple and uncluttered user interface...I emphasize 
uncluttered, as I don't want to see a bunch of VST plugin icons and tons 
virtual wires strung all over my screen that looks like a rats nest.   A 
module in this case would sort of be like a virtual rack.

Or another way a host could handle this is for you to load up all the VSTs 
you want, including differenet versions with different presents, and store 
them in the background. Then you basically have a custom routing function 
the host, where you can map the signal from one VST to another and save 
whole sequence as a module.  And then with one button push, I call up that 

I suppose the workaround would be to create multiple versions of Chainer, 
each of which would be my module of unique VST effects, save it,  and then 
pop that custom Chainer module inside Energy XT....I have no idea whether 
that would work...a VST host inside another VST host. There could be some 
contention issues.

One thing about EnergyXT that I think is a "bug" but probably a 
feature, is that the more VST plugins you load into it, the more slugglish 
it gets...even when they are not activiated. I find that odd.  If I have 5 
plugins on the screen, all not activated, it responds quickly to button 
presses, dragging the plugins around, etc. But if I have 50 plugins on my 
screen, which is what I have in Chainer, it gets really slow. There is a 
delay between pressing a button to activate a VST and it turning on, or 
you drag a VST icon across the screen.

I'd like to experiment with Bidule again, but I lost it when I reformatted 
my old notebook, and now the free version is no longer available on the 
Plogue website.  I need to buy it, essentially.


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Subject: Re: Mobius part 2

> You know, I love this list.  Man I'm soaking it all up
> and loving every word.  I'm on a lot of lists but this
> is by FAR the best overall group in terms of just
> knowledgable, smart and nice people.  Krispen, I feel
> like I'm on a very similar path as you and it's nice
> that you're up in front.  As much as I cringed when
> you had issues with your vsts, I took it all in and
> it's been a tremendous help.   Per, you're part of the
> "Lewis and Clark" expedition (Early American explorers
> to our non American pals.  Who explored Sweden?  I
> have no idea... I should ;) ) that's helping my
> "Louisinia Purchase"
> Thanks again kids.
> Mark
> --- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>> I like Chainer because of the simplicity.  Within
>> minutes you can pop your
>> VSTs in it, add Mobius at the end, and be playing.
>> But I wish it had more
>> routing capability rather than going from one VST to
>> another...that's that
>> "chain" of the Chainer.  EnergyXT has more routing
>> capability, and it has
>> sequence capaiblity as well, I believe.
>> Kris
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>> From: "mark sottilaro" <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com>
>> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>> Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006 11:50 AM
>> Subject: Re: Mobius part 2
>> > On the topic of Mobius, why do you like Chainer as
>> a
>> > vst host?  I know Per loves Live but I'm not sure
>> if I
>> > need or would use all it's functionality.  I'd
>> rather
>> > have something that has some midi
>> editing/sequencing
>> > ability.  I'm checking out Tracktion right now but
>> I'm
>> > curioius.
>> >
>> > Mark
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