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Re: software or hardware???

Hi Jenny

> Is there a hardware setup that could achieve these or should we use
> software like Live Ableton in combination with midi foot controllers?
Yes, you are searching for the HOLY GRAIL OF LOOPING.

I'm looking for that, too. Still haven't found an answer yet...

Let's see what the experts on this group have to say to this... :-)
Btw, recently I've noticed one more aspect why I want to avoid hardware 
when playing in real-time:
Whenever I have a computer running, there are some additional thoughts 
have nothing to do with the music I'm playing, like: should I log-in and 
check my mail? Should I run a virus update?...
Always, there seems to be some parts of my brain occupied with such 
distracting thoughts...
You don't have that with hardware!

But still, I guess in the long run, software will reach a stability, 
variety and accessibility where there will be no HW alternative. But I 
believe we're not there - yet.



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