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Re: software or hardware???

If not the "holy grail" Iam looking for the most convenient way to
improvize while jamming. I want the easiest way to record loops "on
the fly" , playback, overdub, choose which one stops and which one
goes on all these functions without need to interrupt the whole
performance, using foot pedals mainly.

2006/6/26, Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net>:
> Hi Jenny
> > Is there a hardware setup that could achieve these or should we use
> > software like Live Ableton in combination with midi foot controllers?
> Yes, you are searching for the HOLY GRAIL OF LOOPING.
> I'm looking for that, too. Still haven't found an answer yet...
> Let's see what the experts on this group have to say to this... :-)
> Btw, recently I've noticed one more aspect why I want to avoid hardware 
>when playing in real-time:
> Whenever I have a computer running, there are some additional thoughts 
>have nothing to do with the music I'm playing, like: should I log-in and 
>check my mail? Should I run a virus update?...
> Always, there seems to be some parts of my brain occupied with such 
>distracting thoughts...
> You don't have that with hardware!
> But still, I guess in the long run, software will reach a stability, 
>variety and accessibility where there will be no HW alternative. But I 
>believe we're not there - yet.
> Buzap
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