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Re: Mobius on Mac someday?

> Hi
>>> Any chance Mobius will be ported to Mac platform someday?
>> Yes. Today - if you have one of those new Mac's that can run Windows
>> XP as well (Boot Camp, not by emulation). Isn't that fab!
On 26 jun 2006, at 17.26, Buzap Buzap wrote:

> well, this wouldn't _really_ solve the problem for me. One thing, I  
> don't want to run Windows on my Mac.

Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to hurt... ;-)  I'd love to do that though,  
because then I wouldn't have to keep a PC on the side for running  

> The other is: it should work together with my other SW on Mac (like  
> your LogicPro, Per ;-)

I've been thinking about this too, and I guess I will always be  
running Mobius on a separate machine. Most of my other music software  
run in OSX. I use to MIDI sync projects in Logic (Mac) with Mobius  
(Win). Usually I simply use the excellent Record Audio function in  
Mobius and move the rendered audio file over the network (or on an  
USB stick or an external FW drive) to the Logic Mac.

But it would be fantastic if Mobius did really run in OSX so you  
could mangle all Mobius tracks in real-time through Logics effects!  
(Not for concert though, but for studio production)

> Do you think there is a way to run it within Virtualization (i.e.  
> Parallels) on Mac?

I've heard reports from people that tried that this is too slow for  
most audio applicaitons.

> Of course, boot camp is better than nothing...
> Maybe someone can buy the Möbius developer or someone else to port  
> this...?

You mean that we collectively raise money and buy Jeff Larson a  
Macbook if he does the port?  ;-)  Like "a group buy"? Nice  
idea... ;-))))

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)