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RE: Mobius on Mac someday?

> From: Per Boysen [mailto:perboysen@gmail.com] 
> > Maybe someone can buy the Möbius developer or someone else to port  
> > this...?
> You mean that we collectively raise money and buy Jeff Larson a  
> Macbook if he does the port?  ;-)

I appreciate the offer, but it's going to take a lot more than
a MacBook :-)

It isn't a hardware issue, I already have a Mac.  It's just really
complicated.  The UI will have to be almost totally rewritten, there
is some very complicated memory management code that needs to be
redesigned, and testing plugin hosts, whether VST or AU, tends to suck
the life out of you.  It may happen someday, but I would much rather
work through some of the other big items on the development list.