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Electrix Repeater for Sale

Hi all,

Used to be here all the time 4 or 5 years ago. I've been lurking here the
past week or two, and it's good to be back.

With all the recent for sale posts I've seen on this list, I just wanted to
let everyone know that I have an Electrix Repeater up for sale on eBay too.
It's here at:

The box is in truly excellent condition as you can see from the many
pictures, and even has the collector's item mis-labeled 16 MB CFC. This box
is from the first batch produced but I did update the OS to 1.1. Sadly, 
hardly ever used it because I have Gibson and Roland echo units. Anyway,
someone will be making quite the score here if you're looking for such a

I also have a Digitech BP-8 Bass Preamp / Processor. This is a foot
controller for bass. Very good condition. Someone is going to steal this 
if I can't get the bids up. :-) Check it out here:

Anyway, wish you all the best and it's good to see that this list remains