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Re: Re: Mobius on Mac someday?


@Jeff: Möbius on Mac would be really great. Universal Binary, please ;-))
Or you could sell the stuff to Native Instruments (would make a great 
plug-in for Guitar Rig 3... ;-) and they would port it....

@Bruce: The page http://lloopp.klingt.org seems a bit... cryptic. Is there 
a manual for the looper?

@Mark: As far as I can see, SooperLooper is "only" a stereo EDP. I would 
really miss Möbius' ability to have 8 parallel loops for building 

@Per: Is virtualization with Parallels really slow? I have Intel Core Duo 
which supports _real_ virtualization, that means it's not running as an 
emulation but really tapping the full resources.

Best regards


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