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Re: Something Good In SooperLooper, now edp feature for Per

>> SooperLooper has a nice feature that I miss in both my EDP and
>> Mobius. It's the option to set feedback to only happen when you're
>> overdubbing.
On 27 jun 2006, at 18.11, a k butler wrote:

> That feature is right there in the EDP just waiting for you.
>  Delay Mode does it, by swapping Overdub for a freeze function.
> Expert Mode does it too. ( Expert Mode, the EDP feature that no-one
>    admits to originating)
> andy butler

Cool, thanks! I didn't know that. The mode I like most with the EDP  
is RePlace Mode. Hmmm.... maybe I have a faint memory of the feature  
being there as well....  my brain has become so MöbiUsed lately ;-)

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