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RE: Something Good In SooperLooper, now edp feature for Per

Gee , leave it to ol' smarty pants Butler to have all the answers, Gosh you
would think that he had some sort of design or beta test input on the EDP 
something. Oh wait,, he did! Hey Andy , do I have to go to some kind of EDP
finishing school, to be able to use expert mode?

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Subject: Re: Something Good In SooperLooper, now edp feature for Per

>> SooperLooper has a nice feature that I miss in both my EDP and
>> Mobius. It's the option to set feedback to only happen when you're
>> overdubbing.
On 27 jun 2006, at 18.11, a k butler wrote:

> That feature is right there in the EDP just waiting for you.
>  Delay Mode does it, by swapping Overdub for a freeze function.
> Expert Mode does it too. ( Expert Mode, the EDP feature that no-one
>    admits to originating)
> andy butler

Cool, thanks! I didn't know that. The mode I like most with the EDP
is RePlace Mode. Hmmm.... maybe I have a faint memory of the feature
being there as well....  my brain has become so MöbiUsed lately ;-)

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