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Re: Thoughts on the Eclipse, Fireworx, G-Force, and PCM81

I have been reading a lot of reviews on the Eclipse and Fireworx. Oddly, 
there appear to be a lot of mixed reviews on the Eclipse for it lack of 
flexibility, ability to load only two algorithms, etc...I read a lot of 
positive reviews on the Fireworx for how you can customize your effect 
algorithms, and the diversity of tone mangling....though I hear you can 
up your processing power fairly quickly.  Then I found this interesting 
passage on the Yahoo Group on Fireworx:

1. Eventide Eclipse: You cannot create algorithms. There are two DSP
program slots into which you load presets which can then be tweaked to
you hearts content. There are great choruses, reverbs, pitchers, etc,
and you even get some combination algos. The sound quality is awesome,
in my experience, the stability is not as good. Support is OK, as long
as you aren't one of the few who rub the wrong way with their ONLY
support person, who can be quite obstinate. I eventually sold my Eclipse
and bought the Orville, about which I sometimes have mixed feelings.
Then I listen to how great it sounds.

2. TC Fireworx: Ultimate flexibility up to the limits of the DSP. Design
algos using building blocks. Fun is the word; more like Eventide's high
end units, but designed to be programmed from the front panel instead of
the computer. Sound quality is not as pristine as any Eventide unit, but
look at this in context of your musical style. Support is OK, as long as
you don't expect them to change the unit (there is a known bugs that
they will never fix in DELAY2). I use my 2 Fireworx units for
EVERYTHING. One is on guitars and one is on the main mix. I wish I had 2

The difference then: Eclipse is like a video game with two cartridge
slots. Fireworx is like sonic legos. Orville is like sonic clay.


I'm amost set on the Fireworx now, but still grappling over Reaktor 5. I 
get the Fireworx, and then Reaktor after that. Am I an effect addict or 
what? :)