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Thoughts on the Eclipse, Fireworx, G-Force, and PCM81

I'd like to get your thoughts on the Eventide Eclipse, TC Electronic 
Fireworx, TC Electrronics G-Force, and Lexicon PCM81. If I had to invest 
only one of these, which would give me the most tone mangling / effect 
goodies for the buck?  The Fireworx appears to have a lot of different 
of effects, more than the other two from what I can tell, but I'd like to 
hear from some of you who own these units.

I'm looking for a unit, preferrable, that has all the standard delay, 
reverb, pitch, and chorus/modulation effects, but also ring mod, hopefully 
some quasi-synth guitar like effects, Filter, and whatever else it can 
muster.  I've heard some really ethereal and rich pad-like sounds from the 
Eventides, which I really like, so that is a must.

Why you ask? Now that my laptop system is complete and serving me well, 
building a botique, yet simple rack system on the side...Looperlative, two 
VF1s', and whatever I decide from the above five units.