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Re: Mobius part 2

Dear mark, Per, Andreas...

THAT DOES IT!  I have to now go out and buy my first ever PC in order to 
Mobius.  This is gonna drive me crazy if I don't.

What is the most affordable, small and powerful enough PC laptop I can buy
to augment my 17 inch powerbook, operating with a Traveler?  Any hints??
Since I don't know windows architecture or assemblage whatsoever, I'd love 
hint or two should you all be willing...

All best,


On 6/24/06 2:04 PM, "Andreas Wetterberg" <awetterberg@post.cybercity.dk>

> mark sottilaro wrote:
>> OK, a while ago I fooled around with Mobius and
>> Sooperlooper unsuccessfully.  Not sure why, probably
>> under powered in the computer dept.  Well last week my
>> Toshiba dual core 2gighz machine showed up on my
>> doorstep (literally, I can't believe UPS fucking left
>> it on my doorstep with no signature or attempt to
>> leave it with a neighbor or have me pick it up at
>> UPS!)
> (immorality alert..)
> Well then you never received it! Call the computer company! "Where's my
> 2ghzDual!?" I'm sorry, but delivery people need to be taught an effin'
> lesson sometimes... Besides, if the computer company don't get a
> signature on their track-n-trace they'll probably claim it themselves.
> ;)
>> For the first week I just played around with
>> softsynths.  Man I love some of the instruments that
>> come with Reaktor 5.  Anyone make a good Reaktor based
>> looper?
> I've made a tiny little looping module for reaktor - it can do
> stuttering loop mult/div, overdubs, replace, sync and even do feedback
> percentages above 100, to bring up old noises from your loop, plus you
> can easily insert effects in the feedback chain for more craziness. I
> keep meaning to touch it up and share it, but... yeah.. don't seem to
> get around to it. Bug me by sending me enough emails, I guess.
> I'm getting a dual 2ghz with 2gigs of ram on tuesday... can't wait!
> Andreas.

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