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Re: Mobius part 2

mark sottilaro wrote:
> OK, a while ago I fooled around with Mobius and
> Sooperlooper unsuccessfully.  Not sure why, probably
> under powered in the computer dept.  Well last week my
> Toshiba dual core 2gighz machine showed up on my
> doorstep (literally, I can't believe UPS fucking left
> it on my doorstep with no signature or attempt to
> leave it with a neighbor or have me pick it up at
> UPS!)

(immorality alert..)
Well then you never received it! Call the computer company! "Where's my 
2ghzDual!?" I'm sorry, but delivery people need to be taught an effin' 
lesson sometimes... Besides, if the computer company don't get a 
signature on their track-n-trace they'll probably claim it themselves.

> For the first week I just played around with
> softsynths.  Man I love some of the instruments that
> come with Reaktor 5.  Anyone make a good Reaktor based
> looper?

I've made a tiny little looping module for reaktor - it can do 
stuttering loop mult/div, overdubs, replace, sync and even do feedback 
percentages above 100, to bring up old noises from your loop, plus you 
can easily insert effects in the feedback chain for more craziness. I 
keep meaning to touch it up and share it, but... yeah.. don't seem to 
get around to it. Bug me by sending me enough emails, I guess.

I'm getting a dual 2ghz with 2gigs of ram on tuesday... can't wait!