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Mobius part 2

OK, a while ago I fooled around with Mobius and
Sooperlooper unsuccessfully.  Not sure why, probably
under powered in the computer dept.  Well last week my
Toshiba dual core 2gighz machine showed up on my
doorstep (literally, I can't believe UPS fucking left
it on my doorstep with no signature or attempt to
leave it with a neighbor or have me pick it up at

It's a nice little laptop and Toshiba direct had a
great deal going so it ended up being a little more
costly than a Macbook, but I got a bigger screen and
more memory and a nicer video card.  Also, it's blue.

For the first week I just played around with
softsynths.  Man I love some of the instruments that
come with Reaktor 5.  Anyone make a good Reaktor based

But the real win was last night when I started up
Mobius.  (M-Audio Firewire Solo and a MOTU Fastlane
MIDI USB) After a little futz'n getting the right
audio card settings, the application worked like a
dream. 8 stereo tracks of sweet loops.  Must be very
mindful of levels, but over all I had an amazing time
and I never looked at the manual at all.  Very nicely
laid out especially if you're someone who's used an
EDP.  It latched on to my clock coming from a Mac
desktop running Digital Performer and aside from one
glitch (ending an overdub caused it to loose sync.  I
couldn't replicate it though) it all worked perfectly.
 My next project is to get it to work with "or" tracks
instead of "and" tracks as seems to be it's default. 
Now I see what Per's been talking about.  The possibilites....

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