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Re: AW: Stupid Repeater/FCB1010 question

Awesome, thanks!

Yes, I meant 'Replace', not 'Insert'- I use those 2 terms interchangeably
in my brain.

Would you mind sending me your FCB sey up? Excel format would be just

Thanks a lot!

             "Rainer Thelonius Balthasar       To: 
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             <rs@moinlabs.de>                  Subject:  AW: Stupid 
Repeater/FCB1010 question                                          
             06/30/2006 11:44 AM                                           
             Please respond to                                             


> Thinking about picking up an FCB1010. The only thing I really
> want to do is have the ability to mute the playback of each
> of the Repeaters 4 tracks independently at the press of a
> button.

Can be done, using PC messages 16 to 19. This works as a toggle and
independently of the loop you're playing; as Zoe Keating mentioned
there is no way to explicitly set tracks to mute/unmute at the press of a

> Being a complete MIDI noob,  I'm not sure if this can
> even be done, but I suspect it can.  I would also like to
> have a switch that changes the Repeater from Overdub to
> Insert mode, if possible.

As I understand it, the Repeater doesn't have an Insert option. You can
switch between Overdub and Replace.

> While I'm brainstorming here........could you also set it up
> so that one of the expression pedals controls Tempo ie as you
> press down on the pedal, the tempo of the loop increases?

Yes, this works, albeit of course only when you're not synced to MIDI.

If it's of interest to you, I could send you my FCB1010 setup (either the
definition in Excel format, or a Sysex dump from the FCB1010 editor).


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