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Re: Stupid Repeater/FCB1010 question

This is a standard function of Repeater OS 1.1

Midi PC 16 17 18 19 will mute and unmute the various tracks. It's in the 

>Hello all, Happy Friday...........
>Thinking about picking up an FCB1010. The only thing I really want to do 
>have the ability to mute the playback of each of the Repeaters 4 tracks
>independently at the press of a button. Being a complete MIDI noob,  I'm
>not sure if this can even be done, but I suspect it can.  I would also 
>to have a switch that changes the Repeater from Overdub to Insert mode, if
>While I'm brainstorming here........could you also set it up so that one 
>the expression pedals controls Tempo ie as you press down on the pedal, 
>tempo of the loop increases?
>Any help/advice is appreciated!
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