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Re: software based phrase sampler

I should correct myself, so as to eliminate some confusion here.  There is 
no logic in the hardware, you probably could use a midi controller ... it 
would take me some time to code that in, though.  The pedals currently 
register as a USB keypad .... real simple device.  So without the pedals, 
the program is still fully functional (you just have to start and stop 
recording with a mouse or keyboard).

I am amazed that there is no latency concerns, personally.  I always 
it would be problematic to develop a software based phrase sampler, but 
solid as any harware solution I've used yet.

The piracy thing is of some concern ..... I have spent alot of time and 
money on this project, and would like to get some of it back.  Then there 
are those college loans too ...... hmmmm.

In any event, I will put a beta version out there soon for all of you to 
experiment with ...

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>Subject: Re: software based phrase sampler
>Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 07:54:24 -0700
>>copy.  Doesn't do you a lot of good without the pedals, but you can 
>>experiment with it anyway.
>I'm not sure what you have in the hardware, but if I might make a 
>suggestion, maybe you could think about implementing midi controls, so 
>user can just use their midi pedal of choice (FCB1010?).  Your product 
>costs will be cheaper if you don't need hardware, and distribution is 
>certainly easier.  Of course there's that piracy issue...
>I don't mean to discourage you from building a unique interface for your 
>product!  I think there's a long way to go from what's available now, and 
>would love to see improvement.  It just might be easier to get the 
>off the ground as a software only product at first, then add the hardware 
>Then again I may be completely misunderstanding what you intend to do 
>the hardware.

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