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RE: software based phrase sampler

> I am amazed that there is no latency concerns, personally.  I always
> it would be problematic to develop a software based phrase sampler,
but it's 
> solid as any hardware solution I've used yet.

Latency issues have been discussed several times on this list.  Some
people have a higher sensitivity for it than others.  Are you doing
any latency compensation, or are you relying on the fact that with
small ASIO buffer sizes latency is hard to detect?

> The piracy thing is of some concern ..... I have spent alot of time
> money on this project, and would like to get some of it back.  Then
> are those college loans too ...... hmmmm.

I truly wish you the best of luck, but I think you will find that
there isn't much money to be made here.  Be prepared to spend some
money on advertising, trade shows, etc.  If you can generate enough
market awareness that piracy even becomes an issue, consider yourself
lucky.  I guarantee you though that if you tie this to an expensive
piece of hardware no one will buy it.

Anyway, its always nice to welcome a fellow software looper to the list.
Another word of advice though.  Be careful using phrases like
"solid as any hardware solution" on this list.  You will incur the
awesome wrath of the Dedicated Hardware Loopers! :-)

Best regards,