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Re: 10 year's anniversary of Looper's Delight ?

Well, I'm on my very first day of successful looping, so--quite presumptuously--I have already uploaded a 31 second (oops!) loop for the project.  My laptop's audio card is a little noisy, and there are no effects--just straight acoustic guitar and drum machine looped with Mobius--but it was fun!  Woohooo!

I'm a real boy looper!


Krispen Hartung wrote:
Let's do it!!  I will create one today.
Create your 30 sec. MP3s in 128 rate format and upload them here:
Login: loopersdelight
Password: loopersdelight
Title the MP3 with your name and location, like Kris Hartung - Boise Idaho USA.mp3
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Subject: Re: 10 year's anniversary of Looper's Delight ?

>> How about each of us record a 30 second looping piece and we create a
>> giant collage of looping stringed together in one MP3, or streamed via a
>> playlist. I'm willing to store the MP3s and host the playlist.
>> Kris
> YES !!!