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other gear that does long delay like EDP?

some already mentioned:
boss dd20 (23 sec)
boss dd7-(does 6.3 sec in the stereo out  mode)
digitech dl8-(8 sec) -i love this thing
dod d12-(12 sec) my original long looper, 1u rack space
lexicon pcm42 (modded up to 20 sec-david torn and others use)
digitech pds series-i think had 8 sec
digitech rds-8 sec rack unit
akai headrush 2-says 35 sec of delay, 5 sec of tape delay mode (i research & debated getting, didn't though...)

there are also some old zoom multieffect units that i thought had 10 sec of delay???? can't remember model #
korg dl8000- 8 sec i think...
boss roland space echo reissue pedal-i thought i read had 6 sec of delay
digitech rp150-5 sec of delay-can glitch it nicely, new 155 has it also.
the zoom g2 also has 5 sec of delay, but when you try to mess w/ the time, it just shuts off, but i just read that the next
gen of this zoom g-something.NU has a 5 sec looper that overdubs (just read about it not sure if 5 sec is going to make anyone
get all excited since the new digitech rp155 models have 20 sec looper in them....ok, i won't get started on this rant again!!!!)
digitech timebender (5 sec)-didn't love this....although it got a good review in latest guitar world mag

ok, as for the eh16ddlRI (the reissue)-in the delay mode the time is short, not even a sec, but man in the looping mode, I LOVE THIS THING.
the ability to manipulate the loop makes it most fun. as for the click-i can't figure out why people didn't just turn the slider to "0". i could see if you're locked in time

i'm sure i'm missing a few...

i sort of wonder if the "TOOLS" section should be divided up by "DELAY BASED LOOPING tools" and the "SAMPLE BASED LOOPING tools"

good luck, happy hunting....

if you're looking for varispeed short delay times-i've been most happy w/: ibanez de7, boss dd7, guyatone md3, digitech dl8, & of course the eh16ddlRI