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(Fwd) Re: Gremlins and other oddities

Hi everybody

I've been lurking sofar, because I'm not a musician.

My connection to loop music and the reason why I'm on this list is, 
that I wrote the software for the Echoplex Digital and the old 
LoopDelay together with Matthias Grob and worked together with Kim at 
Gibson [Hi Matthias, Kim I finally found time to write some email :-)]. 

You can therefore blame most of the bugs on me. <grin>

It is great to see so many people on this list and know that what we 
worked on all this time is actually being used and (I hope) liked.

> Finally, the storage-to-sequencer operation is a lot more complex than 
> one might initially think; I finally got it working with the right sort 
> of sequencing program (Performer) but it's mighty slow.  (This last 
> has less to do with Echoplex problems, I think, and more to do with the 
> evils of MIDI protocol in general).
> I've talked to Kim about most of these problems, and they look to be 
> solved by the now-legendary Currently Unavailable Echoplex Upgrade.  Kim 
> has also made reference (on the Torn list, I think) to a variety of 
> fairly minor bugs which most of us have hopefully never noticed.  (Are 
> there any others we should be on the lookout for, Kim?)

Yeah, MIDI Sample Dump is very complex. Actually it wouldn't be, but 
every Manufacturer implemented it a little bit different and the 
Echoplex doesn't have the user interface a Mac has, which makes it 
very hard to set all the parameters needed to fiddle until two units 
understand each other.

The infamous update that hangs in contract-limbo will solve these 
problems I think. Much more params to set and better error-checking 
and weird-behaviour-work-arounds in MIDI Sample Dump should do it.

The speed is a MIDI Sample Dump problem which cannot be solved. 


[Douglas Adams]

Eric Obermuhlner                   obermuhlner@takefive.ch
[Douglas Adams]