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Re: (Fwd) Re: Gremlins and other oddities

>Hi everybody
>I've been lurking sofar, because I'm not a musician.
>My connection to loop music and the reason why I'm on this list is,
>that I wrote the software for the Echoplex Digital and the old
>LoopDelay together with Matthias Grob and worked together with Kim at
>Gibson [Hi Matthias, Kim I finally found time to write some email :-)].

Welcome! All fine in Zurich?

>You can therefore blame most of the bugs on me. <grin>
You can find him at lake Greiffensee with his huge tiny doughter on a
sunday evening...
Leave some bugs for me, porra! Of all found here, you only explain one:

>Yeah, MIDI Sample Dump is very complex.

Your last and most intense 'Plex-trip, really. Hope it serves for a lot of
(greedy :->) loopers... The new version comes with the special MIDI manual
he crated - I hope!

Lets insist, brother