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Re: Torn...

Yes, there's DoorX, to which I subscribe. I also subscribe to Digital 
Digest. I see posts from Kim in both places and from Jon in the former, 
learned of this list from one (both?) of the lists.  Here's the trailer 
a *digest* (:) version of DoorX:

>     To leave / join this mailing list or have your thoughts in the next 
>     please send electronic mail to Door X at the following address:
>       door-x@umich.edu
>     You can contact the editor (Pete Cole) directly at the following 
>       pcole@sseyod.demon.co.uk, or through the SSEYO Koan website at
>       http://www.sseyo.com ...
>     Note : if you mail either of the above addresses on a Torn-related 
>     and definitely do *not* want your post in the next issue, then 
>please mark
>     your mail as such ! Thanks !
>     Surf the awesome Torn Web site courtesy the one and only Jeff Stuit, 
>at :
>       http://ott-outreach.engin.umich.edu/torn/
>     Visit Anil Prasad's INNERVIEWS website featuring in-depth interviews 
>     some of the world's most interesting and innovative musicians - 
>     David Torn  - at :
>       http://www.carleton.ca/~aprasad
>     Visit the CMP records web page at : http://www.move.de/cmp-records 
>     Torn can be sent e-mail via :
>       texture444@aol.com
>     Snail mail address :
>       C/O Texture, Box 465, Bearsville, NY, USA 12409.
> [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
> []                     END OF DOORX                     []
> [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Pat Hickey                      ***SPH