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Re: Musicianship, live technique, etc...

> A truly inspiring thing
>to have Tony Levin playing on it, then having DT mix it! Wow. 

Well, I'm getting new viruses delivered soon!  Nahh... you win.
Congratulations!  I'm jealous again!!!

>Michael wrote:
>>Sometimes I worry that too many musicians are trying to be artists, too 
>>trying to be entertainers.
>Hmmm. Interesting thread. The artist/entertainer line is very fine. (not 
>the line between "clever and stupid"!!!) I'm reminded of the Torn/Trilok 
>show at the Bottom Line in New York a coupla years ago. Torn opened with 
>"pretty loud guitar" set: artsitically very cool. As for entertainment 
>value, I
>suspect much of the crowd was kinda confused. Then Trilok's band came out 
>put on a very tight, well executed thoroughly "choreographed" set. The 
>responded quite enthusiastically. Especially to the vocal drumming by the
>>entire band. I must admit I got a good chuckle out of it, and was really
>taken >with how exceptional the chops level was.

This is, perhaps, the balance; Torn's music was deeper, but the appeal of
Trilok was broader.  Those who "got" David's music may have gotten far more
out of the experience, but those will shallower expectations, out for the
evening after a long day at work and with a copy of Jazziz under their arm,
jst wanted a good time.  Remember also that we have an advantage over most
of the audience, being musicians.  Ever been told by a non-musician who
"the greatest player in the world" is?  Usually, they're pretty amusing.

>So, Dr. Mike: I'm guilty as charged. I guess we're now big-time enemies!!!

I thought we were after the Vortex debate :)  What was that about???


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