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RE: alternate footpedals for JamMonster?

>Trevor stated:"I was thinking that it would be a swell idea to use two
>sustain pedals
>plugged into this Y-dingus and has a slightly more tap friendly pedal
>contraption.  Will this work?  Do I need the normally open kind or the
>normally closed?"
>I do not think the sustain pedals will work as well as the momentary
>switch because you have many increments of open and only one increment of
>closed.  I suspect that the switch will respond in a faster manner.  The
>switches are normally open.
Actually, a sustain pedal works great. One tap starts recording, a second
tap stops it, just like the stock footswitch, but it seems easier, for me
at least, to start recording a loop in time with the sustain pedal.

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