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Re: alternate footpedals for JamMonster?

>Dave Trenkel wrote:
>> Actually, a sustain pedal works great. One tap starts recording, a 
>> tap stops it, just like the stock footswitch, but it seems easier, for 
>> at least, to start recording a loop in time with the sustain pedal.
>When I had one pedal hooked up thru the y-splitter, it was acting a bit
>funky.  Do you need to have two of them hooked up?
>How do you have yours hooked up, Dave?
The pedal I'm using has 2 piano-style sustain pedals in one housing, with a
stereo 1/4" plug on the attached cord. There's no brand name listed on the
pedal, but I think it may be a Roland, I got it on a trade deal with a
Roland keyboard. I found it on a bvax one day, plugged it into the j-man,
and it's worked fine ever since.

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