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a lost post...perhaps

And again.....
              I don't believe the folowing post made it across the
vast expanse of cyberspace that seemingly surrounds Colorado.Also
let me pre-P.S. that I remember hearing Elvin Jones talk about the
fact that once in Philadelphia at a gig wth Coltrane they did a three
hour rendition of this one tune and that the experience was not lost
on either the players or the audience.Also Mr. Williams will be sorely
missed....51 years old...man that sucks.PeaceDear Loopers,
                         In response to this thread of
artists/entertainers perhaps
 the problem lies in perspective or lack thereof. Instrumental music
 is truly blessed with a total absence of the linquistics and semantics
 broohaha that seems to scuttle and leave for dead the majority of other
 musical styles. It's sad enough that even without this burden there is
 the perpetual critical analysis of the form as it relates to
 and notation. Critics make more money talking about this vapid pursuit
 of labels and form than most musicians will ever see as  result of
 having created the work in question, furthering that insulted injury
by requiring one to declare his/her intention (art or entertainment)
 is poor use of our limited time on this plane of existance and of no
 value musically, though an interesting exercise in verbal play. In
 that the majority of the works created in the forum of "looped" music
 falls clearly into the instrumental (or at least  non-lyrical)
 I propose that  this music and it's players deserve a kinder fate
 than can possibly be reached through an extended dialogue about
labels and the value therein.

Bryan Helm
                                                  (Looper...not artist..
                                     not entertainer)

"Shut up and play yer guitar"
                                 Frank Zappa