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Re: Tony Williams...

>>This is the saddest thing I've heard all week. 51 was far too young. His
>>playing on the Arcana CD of last year, with Derek Bailey and Bill 
>>showed that he was still an innovator.
>damn =- thanks for reminding me---i had heard about that and still don't
>have it - isn't there 2 cds out of those guys? or at least 2 with 
>peace, andre

I think there's another Arcana disc either recently released or soon to be
so, with 2 horn players replacing Bailey, I think it's Byard Lancaster and
Pharoah Sanders, but I'm not to positive on that. But the
Bailey/Laswell/Williams disc is phenomenal, I can't recommend it highly
ebough. It's where fusion should have gone after the early
LIfetime/Mahavishnu records. It's on the Japanese DIW label, and it's
called "Arcana: The Last Wave"

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