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Re: Florida Guitar Show

n a message dated 2/27/97 7:38:25 PM, you wrote:

>ust to let y'all know that this Saturday (March 1st), a few of the
>subscribers to this list will be playing at the Florida Guitar Show at
>Thoroughbred Music in Clearwater. My group is called "Future Perfect"
>and while its not loopy stuff per se, its a mix of
>ambient/prog/Rennaissancy (the band and time period) music..lots of midi
>guitar, Soundscapes, flute etc. LVX NOVA will also perform (I can't wait
>to see them!!!)...I know we play at 11:30am, but I'm not sure when LVX
>NOVA is playing. My band also played there at another event back in
>October, and we were lucky enough to have Patrick Moraz in the
>audience!! He seemed to like it, and even requested we play a King
>Crimson song..ah, delight! Anyway, hope to see some of ya out there!!

hi all!
yes, LVX NOVA will be there at the Florida Guitar Show. should be a fun 
i always enjoy playing the show and meeting all the guitarists that come
every year. LVX NOVA will be performing at 1:30 pm in the gardens, however,
it will be myself along with a DAT tape...my partner mike is doing a gig a
bit too far south to make it back for saturday afternoon (boo hiss :-)). 
to see any of you there! and thanks for all the trade offers i got for the
LVX NOVA CD, i can't wait to hear all of your music. the "fingerpaint"
cassette is really cool, i've had that one in my tape player a few times 
week :-)
300 tons of flax!
bobby d/lvx nova